New Comic Web Site

I am designing a new web site for my comics. The new site will be comics-only, and I am looking for suggestions. As an experiment, I am collecting feedback using a Google Docs form. Please help me out!

Things I May Never Do

These are things I fantasize about doing, but probably won’t. They are either impossible, or are things I may not actually enjoy if I had the chance. For example, people turn abandoned missile silos into homes all the time, but in reality, the homes are isolated, cold, and awkward to live in.

  • Walk up (or down might be better) the Arch stairs. You can see the “forbidden stairs” as you ride the trams to the top. 630 feet is a long way, however. This would get really painful and boring. But I’m still annoyed that the best part of the Arch is off limits.
  • Visit the inside of a Google data center.
  • Live on a private island. Because I’m afraid of pirates. And too poor.
  • Turn an abandoned missile silo into my home.
  • Build a house with at least one hidden room and some secret passageways. This item seems attainable.