HTC EVO Review

The EVO is a great phone with poor software choices.


  • The kickstand on the back
  • HDMI port
  • Front facing secondary camera
  • The huge display
  • Fast processor

Do Not Like

  • Pre-loaded apps on the system partition cannot be removed
    • Footprints, Friend Stream, HTC Mobile Guide, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Peep, Qik, Quickoffice, Sprint Football, Sprint Zone, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, and many others
    • Many of these apps are configured to automatically start, so less savvy users will experience reduced battery life and slower performance.
    • Even disabling and removing apps from the home screen leaves the “all applications” list cluttered.
  • The hardware buttons (home,menu,back,search) are easy to mistakenly hit. If you get a chance to try this phone, try tapping the bottom edge of the phone completely outside of the home button’s bounds. Your tap will still register!
  • The dialer is not Android standard. The HTC replacement is cluttered and harder to navigate.
  • The large size is nice, but the corners should be more rounded, like the Nexus One. The boxy shape of the EVO makes it feel even larger than it is.
  • The soft keyboard is not Android standard, and it is cluttered.
  • *** UPDATE: InputMethod full screen mode fails to show a “Next” button, even when android:imeOptions="actionNext" is specified as an EditText attribute. This means when users are entering text in landscape mode, they don’t see the Next button, resulting in a very confusing UI.
  • This phone has no trackball. When editing, you see a bunch of extra soft key arrows on the keyboard for navigation. These arrows add complexity:

HTC EVO Keyboard

Android makes vendor customizations possible and this phone demonstrates just how poorly that can be done.

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