Win 7 Printing to Airport Printer

We have a combination of Mac and Windows machines in our house, and I was unable to get a new Windows 7 64-bit machine to print. The printer is shared using an Airport Extreme Base Station.

I downloaded Bonjour for Windows and it immediately detected the printer. Everything seemed OK, but printing always failed.

This led to many hours of failed searching and troubleshooting. I found many people have the same problem, and many solutions being offered. Nothing worked, until I noticed the “here” link:

64-bit Bonjour

With those highlighted circles, it seems painfully obvious. But the “download” button is more prominent, so I didn’t read the text. Based on the number of people I encountered having the exact same problem, I must not be the only one to miss this.

The real kicker is the fact that 32-bit Bonjour fails to warn you if you install it on a 64-bit PC. It happily finds the printer, leading to a false sense of success.

One last tip — if Bonjour can’t find the driver, first plug the printer directly into your PC. Windows should be able to download the right driver.

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