T-Mobile Support Session

I just chatted with T-Mobile about the Nexus One phone. Here’s the conversation…

You have been connected to _Kristi J.

_Kristi J: Hi Eric, welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m _Kristi and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.

_Kristi J: I can definitely understand your interest in this new device. I’d be more than happy to get further information about that for you today.

Eric Burke: ok

_Kristi J: You can only order the phone through the www.Google.com/phone website.

_Kristi J: The phone is being sold exclusively by Google, and cannot be ordered through T-Mobile.

Eric Burke: but it says I’m not eligible for the $179 price. why is that?

_Kristi J: The requirements of getting a discount on the phone are set by Google alone, not T-Mobile.

Eric Burke: do you know the date when my two year contract expires?

_Kristi J: One of the requirements to get the discounted price is that you are on a single line Even More plan for $79.99/ month.

_Kristi J: While I am looking into this information, may I ask why you are inquiring about your contract end date?

Eric Burke: so I can get a better phone. I’d be happy to stay with T-mobile if I could upgrade, but it sounds like I’m trapped with my now obsolete G1 phone.

_Kristi J: The G1 is not an obsolete phone, and is still being sold by T-Mobile.

Eric Burke: but it’s running Android 1.6, and as far as I know, won’t receive future updates to Android 2.1

_Kristi J: I regret that your account does not seem to meet the requirements set by Google to get the discounted pricing on the phone at this time, Eric.

Eric Burke: what’s my end date, and what is the penalty if I break the 2yr contract?

_Kristi J: Your contract on the line ending in **** ends on 11/14/2010, and you would have a Termination Fee of $200.00 if the line is cancelled at this time.

Eric Burke: $200 total, or per phone?

_Kristi J: That would be $200.00 per line.

Eric Burke: ok, thanks for the info. that’s all I need to know

_Kristi J: I’m glad I was able to answer those questions for you today. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, Eric. Have a great day!