State Capitals 1.1.2

I just fixed a few bugs in State Capitals:

  • I drew the Hawaii state capital star on the wrong island (epic oops)
  • The “Move Known States to Last” preference was ignored, so you could not disable that behavior

I also reworked the graphics for Alaska and Hawaii. These two cards now show the state positions relative to the lower-48 states.

Publishing to the Market

Once I built the StateCapitals.apk file, I decided to announce my progress on Twitter in real time. Here are my updates:

  • Update 1: OK, I just compiled a new build of State Capitals for #android. It is 12:45 PM and I am preparing to upload to the Market.
  • Update 2: It is 12:46PM and the upgrade is published. Now I’ll check my phone. #android
  • Update 3: Yep, 12:47 PM and I’m downloading the update to my phone. #android
  • Update 4: And by 12:48 PM I’ve tested my changes on my phone, all is well. #android

Three minutes was excessive. I had to pause between steps to post those messages to Twitter.

Contrast this experience with other app stores.

As always, State Capitals is free, has no advertisements, and requires zero permissions to run.

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