Social Button Stats

Over on Twittch, I use the AddThis service. They provide analytics showing which pages were shared, and to where:

AddThis Sharing Stats

That’s just the chart — they provide actual numbers, as well.

The Problem

I dislike the fact that the AddThis buttons are so tiny, and they are all lumped together in a single dropdown. People have to click once to show the available buttons, and a second time to share the link.

I plan to replace AddThis with a row of larger buttons, and will focus on the most critical sites: DZone (not supported by AddThis), FaceBook, Digg, and Twitter.

My theory is that more people will click and share my comics if the buttons are more prominent. But I’ll lose the analytics, so I won’t really have a way to directly measure success.

Is there a way I can use large, custom icons, while retaining click counts for each icon?

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