for Android

While waiting for dinner earlier tonight, I installed on my G1. I don’t have a account, so I signed up for a new one. While waiting for a response from the server, the UI froze. This screen is never good:

Android programmers need to know this: Never make network calls on the main application thread.

Unrelated Scripting Language Benchmark

For background on this comic, read Chris Oliver’s “Performance matters – 25x for JavaFX script over Groovy and JRuby blog” entry.

Given that FX competes with Flash and Silverlight, comparing it with JRuby and Groovy seems pointless. Danno Ferrin suggested a comic to me, and I ran with it. (Don’t get pissed at Danno if you are offended by bad words and depictions of programming language oral sex…his idea was cleaner than mine!)