Eclipse Leopard Glitches

I figured since the Android SDK comes with an Eclipse plugin, I should use Eclipse when learning Android. I think that’s probably a mistake.

Split Panes

Here is what split panes look like with Eclipse on Leopard:

I added the red box to indicate where you’d normally expect to drag the splitter up and down. While this works, the cursor does not change. So as you move your mouse over the splitter, it feels unresponsive. Even weirder, the cursor DOES change, but it is always about 15-30 pixels below the splitter. It’s as if they are adding some insets for a menu bar that does not exist.

Weird GUI Artifacts

Check out the glowing “Application Toggle” text on this screen:

GUI flaws like this seem to pop up all over the place with Eclipse on Leopard.

Android Plugin Weirdness

The screen above is from the Android Eclipse plugin. You should be able to click the Add… button to add additional activities. It worked for me once or twice (I think), but usually I see this:

Not only is the dialog blank, it is completely unresponsive. All I can do is hit Cancel.

Bring on IDEA

I guess I need to figure out what it takes to develop Android apps in IDEA. I do like that Eclipse automatically keeps up-to-date, and I like that I can launch the emulator from the IDE. Hopefully those tasks are easy to do from the command-line so I can go back to IDEA.

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